The Uncompromising specs of the Oppo A53


Oppo A53 is a dual curved screen smartphone that is equipped with a 3.2 inch capacitive multi-touch capacitive oppo a53  Android Wear intelligent screen that features an enhanced virtual keyboard. It is one of the premier smartphones from Oppo. The company claims that this smartphone is designed to offer users a unique blend of style and technology. With the device you can experience the high quality of performance in a compact and stylish device. The Oppo A53 also comes with an impressive multi-point gesture capability that helps in functioning like a pen. The phone also comes loaded with features like Exclusive Dual Shot and Turbo Camera effects.

The Oppo A53 comes with a coloros 7.2 inch capacitive screen that features a neat round hole Punch style display. The device sports a three inch dual rear camera set up along with a 90 Hz refresh rate screen. It also competes with the likes of the Realme 6, Samsung Galaxy M31, and the Redmi Note 9 Pro. The phone has a color coded home button which makes it easy for you to find the right functions out of the multiple icons present on the phone. One of the biggest selling factors of this smartphone is its impressive camera and video capabilities that have made it so hot amongst all the other smartphones in the market.

The Oppo A53 comes with a nice features list that does not disappoint. It comes with four gigabytes of ram and it uses a class-leading Quick Panel to handle the task. The Oppo A53 runs android 10.1, which is a high-end operating system that has a lot of power when it comes to browsing and using the device. You will not have to worry about slow performance and that the device will be a pleasure to use because the built-in apps that come preinstalled on the A53 are quite efficient.

There are several unique features that make the Oppo A53 such a good choice as an excellent smartphone. One of its major selling factors is its size and weight, which are relatively smaller than the competition. It is one of the most elegant smartphones in the market and you can even mistake it for an Apple product. You can also appreciate the sharp color coordination of the Oppo A53 and the bright screen. The octa-core processor gives this smartphone its speed and the result is that it will never slow down.

The Oppo A53 features a nice mix of features like the camera, text messaging, music player, GPS, and the Android interface. It comes with the Adreno series of mobile processors from Samsung and the chipset from HTC that enables the A53 to run real fast and at high resolutions. This gadget also has a powerful MSM modem and the connectivity of the Oppo A53 is great. Apart from this, it offers users a rich variety of connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EDGE, USB, gigabit Ethernet, HSDPA, GPRS, Infrared and so on. The Oppo A53 also runs on the Gingerbread and tests the connectivity well.

The battery life of this smartphone is commendable for its type. It offers up to six hours of entertainment and two to three days of average usage. The device is also very efficient in managing the heat and the battery. The Oppo A53 is not too heavy and is comfortable to use and the screen is large enough and crisp having an anti-glare effect. The device has a nice design, so you can always use it comfortably outdoors or indoors. You will get all the information about this amazing smartphone in our complete review of the Oppo A53.

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