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Idea Conception and Realisation

Many people dream of creating their own electronic devices for personal use or with a wider scope intending to invent something that maybe useful to other people. It takes an electronics design specialist to see through the projects conception to take it on to the next stage. Any ideas at this stage must be sketched out with detailed diagrams and a written project brief that contains the essence of the projects idea.

Feasibility Study

Sometimes it is difficult to judge the viability of an electronics design project and its potential as a workable product, but any electronics design team must have good management that can direct what is feasible and what project aims are not realistic. This must be done with a solid grasp of the manufacturing process in all of its key stages: for example; analogue and digital circuit design, embedded microcontrollers, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) creation, outer casing plastic mouldings, touch screen control functionality and/or any needed embedded firmware. If the project is deemed feasible it will then be broken up into certain key stages, each key stage identifying every element of the intended project or device as well as a perceived build time.

Initial Planning and Design

It is the main aim of this stage to assemble all of the rough design sketches and to transform those materials into a workable design plan that adheres to the goals and timescales of the projects key stages. This plan must contain all of the areas of design from any outer casing or moulds needed to the devices internal electronics and mechanics, schematic circuit design, schematic capture and PCB layout. electronic shops rr nagar

Final Design and Final Manufacturing Plans

Once a project idea is fully planned out it will take a dedicated engineer with specialist knowledge to document and plan each of the key stages of the production, this is then given to the project manager. Many projects nowadays depend upon multiple elements; it is the project manager’s duty to use his or her specialist design team members to their potential by allocating work to the relevant person. For example a PCB designer should be used to create all the plans and prototype boards for internal electronics, a plastics moulding expert should be used to produce detailed plans for the control elements or external features, GSM and communications specialists should in respect be asked to contribute their knowledge to any relevant issues, and so on. Now the detailed design process should be near its completion.

Design Review

At the end of the design process you should have a wide range of high spec diagrams with demonstration models entailing the whole process, all project costing should be accounted for in a Bill of Materials (BOM) with any listings of materials, assembly and test data leading to a full product manufacture run. Any issues that may cause difficulties are taken under consideration at this stage and if all project details are satisfactory then the project is given the green light for building.



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